E04: Six Stories About Women And Sports You Need To Hear (part II)

Show Notes

Episode four of Skin In The Game explores common narratives around women and sports, and how we can change them to become more positive and empowering.

Interviewees include journalist Eve Stern, change management expert Melissa Ng, and activist/founder of organizations ProtectHer and I Am That Girl, Alexis Jones. Each woman carries us through her own experience,  how she found a way to break the normative, and create an extraordinary life.

Episode Four Guests

Eve Stern: managing editor of HerAgenda; Melissa Ng: change management expert, leadership development; Alexis Jones; activist, author, and founder of ProtectHer and I Am That Girl

Show Notes

Indiana University Will Ban Athletes With History Of Sexual Violence From Competition, Eric Lutz via Mic

Lannie Marchant: “If It Is To Be Its Up To Me”, Def Sound via UNDO-Ordinary

Muslim Teen Amaiya Zafar Can Now Compete In USA Boxing Matches While Wearing Her Hijab, Sarah Amy Harvard via Mic

The US Olympic Team Has The Most Women But Women Athletes Blocked From Competing Equally, Eve Stern via Her Agenda


I Am That Girl; organization helping girls to transform self-doubt in to self-love by providing a safe space to connect and have honest conversations about things that matter. 

ProtectHer; an organization that believes it’s on all of us to better educate our young men to be the good men and role model athletes they truly want to be, and that we know they can be.