EO3: Six Stories About Women And Sports You Need To Hear (part I)

Six Stories About Women And Sports You Need To Hear: Grandmas, Body Image, And Olympic Wisdom (part one)

This episode of Skin In The Game interviews female athletes - all at different stages of their experience playing sports. Each story reveals an unexpected cultural or social barrier these female athletes have had to overcome in order to define their own success.

A first-time athlete will detail how she overcame social views on women playing sports to develop a unique relationship with martial arts; a lifelong athlete will recall how a heckling parent at a soccer game revealed that it was 'weird' for girls to play against boys; and an Olympian will talk about the dark side of distance running and what might help runners (and coaches) become more body positive in the face of extreme pressure. 

Episode Three Guests: Sarah CummingsESL Teacher and former high school varsity athlete; Tiffany Patterson, podcaster, writer and first time athlete; Maor TiyouriIsraeli Olympic marathoner and 5000m Indoor & Outdoor Israeli national record holder. 


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