EO2: The Good and The Bad In Locker Room Talk (part II)

Episode two, part II of Skin In The Game’s 'The Good And The Bad In Locker Room Talk' takes a deep dive into exploring the culture and language of locker room talk – why it happens, how it gets ugly, and what coaches and athletes are doing to stop it.

This episode brings on communications and sports psychology experts, a leading college basketball coach and a groundbreaking professional athlete to examine the problems leading athletes to participate in problematic locker talk…and what we can do about it.

Episode Two Guests: Dr. Jenn Freitag: activist and University of Dayton communications professor; Andre Alan: former Division I football player and Psy.D sports psychologist candidate; Lacey Gibson: former Division I athlete and MSC candidate at the Harvard School of Public Health; Coach Rodney Watson: head basketball coach at The University of Southern Indiana; Chris Mosier; Team USA tri/dual athlete, trans activist, VP of You Can Play project.

Show Notes

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